FAMEous (Forest Park Art & Music Experience) is an art and music program funded by the PTA. Each lesson is approximately 45-60 minutes in length and there are approximately 3 to 4 lessons per year.

Volunteers arrange the date and time of each lesson with the teacher. Materials for each lesson and a lesson plan are all provided by the chairpersons. Volunteers just need to familiarize themselves with the lesson ahead of time and then bring the lesson bag to the classroom to do the presentation.

This program was started many years ago to provide art and music enrichment, helping children to appreciate and experience hands-on art. Because it is funded and run by the generosity of PTA members and volunteers, budget cuts usually aren’t a factor…but we do rely on volunteers to be successful!

No experience is necessary! Just volunteer your time and the chairpersons will show you how to do it!

If you have questions regarding this program please email fameous@forestparkpta.org